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Lolli and Pops

Location: Minneapolis/St.Paul International Airport Terminal 1, Concourse F near Gate 6

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Lolli and Pops

Lolli and Pops is truly a breakthrough brand for a travel retail candy store. We are proud to be the first airport to feature Lolli and Pops. This store puts a smile on everyone’s face.

The quality and attention to detail from our store finishes to our amazing products is truly cutting edge. Visitors to our store giggle at our giant gummy bear Buddha statue and are able to purchase delicious custom-made Minnesota-themed confections. Our store enjoys amazing energy, sophistication, and fun. And there is nothing like a Lolli and Pops gift or treat! Lolli and Pops is an updated, really cool take on a small town candy store. We watch our big kid passengers turn into little kids again exploring our mint green store with an atmosphere of fun.

2018 ARN Award Winner for Best Specialty Retail Concept

Lolli And Pops Gallery 5 2017
Lolli And Pops Gallery 4 2017
Lolli And Pops Gallery 3 2017
Lolli And Pops Gallery 2 2017
Lolli And Pops Gallery 1 2017


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