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It’s Nice to be Nice

Our employee, Monica Mills, was recently awarded with an MSP Nice Award. The MSP Customer Service Action Council (CSAC) and St. Croix Airport Retail is proud to recognize Monica for her outstanding commitment to customer service at MSP.

Customer compliment: “I bought a bar at Lolli & Pops but got distracted by something and left it lying on the counter! My gate was literally across the hall so I didn’t go very far, but I didn’t realize until I got on my plane. They actually let me de-plane and run back to get it, and your worker there saw me, remembered me, had actually been waiting for me and handed my bar to me so I could run back on the plane without holding up the flight. This was at 2:30 pm on Friday, July 15, 2018. Monica was amazing–thank you for hiring amazing people!”

MSP Nice Awards

Three of our employees recently received MSP Nice Awards for their outstanding commitment to customer service at MSP! Thank you to our wonderful employees, Tishawana Robinson, Glenda Korinek, and Galina Korinek for your commitment to providing WOW customer service!  

2018 ARN Best New Specialty Concept – Lolli and Pops

St. Croix was awarded 2018 Best New Specialty Retail Concept for our MSP Lolli and Pops store. Opened in December 2016, Lolli and Pops is a breakthrough brand for a travel retail candy store! The quality and attention to detail from our store finishes to our amazing products is truly cutting edge. Visitors to our store giggle at our giant ‘Gummy Buddha’ statue and are able to purchase delicious custom-made, Minnesota-themed confections. Lolli and Pops is an updated, really cool take on a small town candy store.

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