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Airport Retail Group, LLC
MSP Airport, LT – 3209

4300 Glumack Drive
St. Paul, MN, 55111
Ph: 952-236-6501

Would you like some Gummy Bears with that?

We take pride in our customer service standards and always try to celebrate when our staff is recognized for going above and beyond. Recently a customer of our Lolli and Pops MSP store, Michael Sherlock, took to his blog to write about one of our rock stars, Alex Kovelan.

Michael wrote, “Today I saw a Master in play. At a small store. Selling candy. In an airport.

I’ve walked by Lolli & Pops many times and never gone in. Alex greeted me immediately while finishing a transaction with another customer. By that time I already had a few things in hand.

Looking for a bag to get some bulk candies, the sign indicated a flat fee regardless of weight. What?!

Alex confirmed this while complimenting me on my choice of candy. “You can squeeze so much in those bags with gummies! Got for it!” I loved him even more.

While I shoved candy into my $8 bag he greeted another customer this way. “What can I help you buy today?”

Brilliant! He knew that no one would enter his store without a reason, and his confidence was inspiring.”


Check out Michael’s blog:

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